New Album Release!

Lucas Marks fans were exultant today on the release of his second album "Winter On Your Mind".

A brilliant collection of varied songs which works well as a coherent album when listened right through  but also showcases Lucas Mark's diversity as a songwriter (the individual songs are all excellent in their own right!).

Ranging from the rock numbers ("Fifteen Minutes" and "Love's Impermanent Glow" through guitar folk  ("Jumped Up Folk Singer" and "Acoustic", a particularly fine song), to the "country blues sound of "Get It Out Of My Kitchen", the first part of the album is immediatley quite diverse

There is quieter more philosophical vibe with "Alice"  (I think there are some echos of Nick Drake here). The first side ends (on the vinyl version) with "Lonely Hearts" slightly more upbeat but continuing the philosphical theme.

On the second side Lucas uses a bookending technique in which the second part of the album is framed by two closely linked tracks (a bit reminiscent of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" or Jethro Tull's "Thick As A Brick", not used enough by other artists in my view...) as he laments the passing of the "Great American Cowboy".

For me its at this point where the album really takes off. "When The Cuckoo Sings" is just brilliant with its lively folk-rock sound and harmonic fiddle riff!

"We Got A Love" is a perky little number which keeps the upbeat feeling and folk-rock style featuring bazouki and more fiddle.

The atmospheric title track then leaves the listener with some final mellow philosophical thoughts (a bit like the way winter proper arrives just after christmas) before the reprise of "Great American Cowboy" which ends the album.